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​Learn about what makes a brand and how it influences business strategy. Dive deeper into the fundamentals of successful branding and analyze best in class practices by companies you know. This workshop will be engaging so be ready to speak up and contribute!



Mark Devito is a three-time Emmy Award winning brand strategist and creative director who has for over 20 years led creative campaigns and developed strategic content from Fortune 100 corporations to startups, domestic and international political features, broadcast television networks, and social awareness programs.  Today, Mark is the President of Beyond Definition, formerly Bates Creative, a boutique brand experience agency that pushes boundaries for clients on a mission to positively change the world. With a diverse roster of strategists, designers, developers, and outspoken industry thought leaders, Beyond Definition has an established reputation for delivering a brand’s story through measured strategy and memorable creative.




Ansa is an email marketing manager for Change.org where she represents the U.S. market within the larger, global structure of the company.  As a marketing manager, she makes sure that users have good experiences with the platform and receive content that interests them most and inspires them to take action in their communities and the world.  Ansa earned her B.A. in Corporate Communications and Advertising from James Madison University and her M.B.A. from Smith. After graduating from business school in 2016, Ansa worked for an education tech firm, 2U, and then started her own marketing strategy firm.  Her firm worked with women- and minority-owned small businesses in Washington, D.C. through the city grant program to build successful marketing plans to reach their business goals. She now lives in Washington, D.C. with her partner Nick and her two boxers Big Mac and Kiss.

How does a business decide how they want to be perceived, how to communicate it, and to whom?  In this workshop, we will walk through the four basic building blocks of a good brand strategy.  We will discuss how to decide on a brand personality, target audience, brand position, and what key messages a business should use as the foundation for most communication.  Come with examples of your favorite brands and ad campaigns!




Carolyn Kolb heads the Marketing Operations team for Rosetta Stone's global B2B marketing team, where they market the language learning product to companies and educational institutions around the world. As head of marketing operations, Carolyn oversees the organization's marketing technology stack, marketing automation processes, performance reporting and supports general process improvement across the team. Prior to Rosetta Stone, she held marketing positions at the law firm Drinker Biddle & Reath, as well as the non-profit EMPEA. Carolyn graduated from Georgetown University in 2009, and is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business.

The variety of opportunity within the world of marketing is vast. Regardless of whether you're looking to work for a non-profit or a large global organization, or whether you're more analytical-minded versus a creative type, there are many opportunities within the world of marketing. In this workshop, Carolyn will discuss how her winding career path through a number of these non-traditional marketing roles helped grow her passion for marketing and lead her to find her niche as a B2B marketing operations leaders at a global company. Carolyn will also discuss the role of marketing operations at a company like Rosetta Stone, what it's like working as a B2B marketer versus B2C, and share her insights into new marketing trends in the industry.




Nicole Eliopoulos is the Director of Global Leadership Development and Corporate Delivery for Marriott International.  Rooted in private industry with a strong business development, facilitation, relationship management, and sales background, Nicole has had the privilege of working in both private and not-for-profit global organizations on three continents.  Nicole’s passion for people has led her on a variety of paths ultimately combining her business and behavioral science background to make a career in a talent and leadership development. Prior to joining Marriott International’s Global Learning organization, she was with the George Washington University for 7.5+ years where she also received her Master’s Degree in Organizational Sciences.  Before that, Nicole spent 7+ years traveling the globe engaging in sales, business development, and international training seminars as an associate with her family-owned Global Owner Property Consultants. A true citizen of the world, Nicole prides herself on being bilingual (Greek and English), a linguistics enthusiast and an ambassador of global mindsets and multicultural affinity in everyday life.  Nicole was raised in the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S. and is diligently working on achieving her goal of having visited 90+ countries in her lifetime.

Your Personal Brand exists whether you actively influence the narrative or not.  This session is dedicated to exploring the uniqueness of you in your life and career.  We will unpack what makes up our personal brands and how we can authentically and positively nurture this critical component of our career journeys.

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